Did you know that more than 80% of job openings are not posted? 

(Translation: If your job-hunting strategy is to apply for jobs online, you’re only reaching 20% of the job market, if that.)

Worse, when you apply for a position in that 20% category, talent software often screens HALF of the incoming applications before they make it to a real person!

It’s no wonder creating your dream career is harder than ever.

The good news is: it doesn’t have to be.

My name is Ashley Stahl
and I’m a career and business coach who helps millennials master the job hunt and step into more authentic careers.

After years of perfecting my craft and helping hundreds of people make positive career changes, negotiate raises and promotions and land their dreams jobs, I have A LOT of knowledge and experience to share.


The Limitless Career Lab is my 4-week intensive course, designed to help you:

  • Get clarity on your options and the right jobs for you.
  • Discover the right way to answer the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself!” – crafting an empowering elevator  pitch that draws you into job interviews.
  • Create a resume and cover letter that doesn’t end up in the trash bin! You must know how to translate your  strengths into these tiny one-page documents.
  • Discover WHO you need to network with to land your dream job, and HOW to reach out to them (and get a  positive response… that turns into a job offer!).
  • Leverage Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with people who would otherwise be inaccessible + position yourself as a thought leader in your industry… even if you have no experience!
  • Ace every job interview – including challenging questions about money, your weaknesses, and any gaps in your resume/work experience.
  • Negotiate a huge salary bump, even when your employer tells you the number “isn’t flexible.”
  • Gain confidence in your abilities & feel excited about your career again.


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“I am so glad I participated in Limitless Career Lab, because I was lost on my own – nothing I did was working for me. Not only was I not getting the job, I was not even getting the interview! (And I thought my resume and cover letter were spotless, so I couldn't imagine why I wasn't getting any calls.) I knew the way I was headed in my career no longer suited me and my needs, but I didn't know how to re-route my journey without losing precious time.

After working with Ashley, I was able to learn new skills – or re-vamp existing ones – that made me feel confident in my resume and experience. Ashley helped me get clear about where my talents would be most effective, and map out a variety of paths to get me to the most desired result. This led to SEVERAL interviews (and a few offers!) in the first month.

Ashley is so passionate about what she does and I really felt like she genuinely wanted to help me. I am so excited for future participants!”*

Sarah D.
Philadelphia, PA

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical. Your results may vary. Our average customer receives an increase in responses to their resume.

I created the Limitless Career Lab to help you go through a process that took me YEARS to figure out on my own, in a matter of weeks.

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It’s about being a parent who can provide for your family, or a career person who makes positive change in the world by playing BIG (and inspiring others to do the same).

It’s about becoming the successful, empowered, confident person you know you were meant to be.

Here’s the deal: confidence comes from knowledge.

Every day I see highly competent people lose confidence in themselves because they don’t know how to get job offers.

I’m here to remedy that.

Limitless Career Lab takes the guesswork OUT of the job hunt, and helps you:

  1. Hone in on your best fitting job options.
  2. Write effective resumes and cover letters.
  3. Learn to master networking (so you can get more job offers).
  4. Negotiate a strong new salary.
  5. Build confidence and empowerment.

These are skills that last a lifetime.

The Program Includes:

  • 8 powerful video training modules (2 released each week!)
  • Weekly exercises that correspond to each module
  • 5 tutorials to help you leverage the job hunting power of LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 24 Group Coaching Q&A calls, where career experts will answer questions LIVE on the line
  • 80+ page workbook with exercises and worksheets in one place
  • Access to a private client Facebook group where career experts (up to 10) provide support to the community 7 days a week-- this means resume writers, clarity coaches, career coaches and so much more!
  • Access to a monthly teleclass for 12 months, held by a guest expert (thought leader) on the focus of career development and skills.
  • Access to Ashley International's private list of recruiters and headhunters (granted one week after Module 8).
  • Ongoing "lifetime access" to your course materials in a password- protected membership site.

You get instant access to this 4 week program as you sign up below.

Your 4-week module series begins as soon as you click the button below.

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“Before working with Ashley, I was confused, unable to commit to a decision, and un-focused. After working with Ashley, I was clear on what I wanted (and deserved) and clear on how to make my goals happen with attainable actions and focus.

I'm so glad I completed the Limitless Career Lab because without Ashley I would not be even close to the clarity and focus I have now. Ash has helped me find my place in the world and most importantly, she upgraded my beliefs about myself. Her energy and passion for servicing others is inspiring. She has truly changed my life.”*

Leah N.
Lancaster, PA


(My Story)

I remember it like it was yesterday…

After years of preparation for my dream job in counter-terrorism – which included mastering TWO foreign languages and earning my master’s degree at one of the top 20 educational institutions in the world – I returned home to Los Angeles and began searching for employment.

And landed… a dead-end admin position. How could this happen??

I had done everything “right.”

How was it that I couldn’t even manage to get a job in my desired industry – let alone something that reflected the level of education and experience I’d spent years working so hard for? Every day in my first job was spent ordering cupcakes for office parties and processing travel expenses for executives’ exciting business trips to locations I never thought I’d get to see.

I was in such FEAR that I would never live my purpose – or be the woman I truly wanted to be – that I could hardly even hear the persistent whisper in the back of my head telling me I was meant for more…

I let that cubicle drag me to the depths of despair because I didn’t know HOW or IF I could actually find something better.

Most of all, I was scared it just wouldn’t happen for me. I felt hopeless.

Fast forward a few years ...

Since that day, I have managed a high-level program for the Pentagon (yes, I did go on to land that “dream job” … (more on that shortly), I have spoken on stages such as TEDxBerkeley, and I have been featured in dozens of publications and TV programs, including:

Forbes and more

I’ve helped hundreds of 20 and 30somethings men and women around the country land their dream jobs (even in cities or countries they’ve never visited before!), negotiate salary bumps, and make career changes that are in alignment with who they really are.

Best of all, I LOVE what I do.

So what changed?

How did I go from feeling stuck in a dead-end job with no opportunities in sight, to working as one of the youngest management professionals for the Pentagon, to passionate career coach and entrepreneur in just a few short years?

It all began with a choice.

After months of feeling miserable and going through more pints of Ben & Jerry’s than I care to admit, I finally decided to do whatever it took to make a change.

I quit my dead-end job in LA and moved to Washington, D.C. (with zero job prospects and zero professional contacts).

In the span of 6 weeks, I went to 90 events, had coffee with 200 people, and landed 3 job offers.

I accepted my dream job at the Pentagon, which meant thatI went from an executive assistant to executive… All in one job-hunt.

Not to mention, I tripled my salary.

I thought I was set for life.

Finally, all my hard work had paid off.

Something was still missing ...

I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but after the initial glow of my new salary and sparkly D.C. life began to fade, it slowly dawned on me that the dream I had pursued for so long might not be the best fit for me after all.

At first, it was the pervasive culture of paternalism and sexism that got under my skin – but getting hit on by my much-older coworkers was a manageable annoyance.

It was my unexpected fear of bloodshed that soon became the bigger problem.

How was I going to be a spy, if I couldn’t even hold a gun?!

This sent me into a tailspin...

I remember feeling like my career, my passion and my identity were all in conflict with one another.

More than anything, I felt completely alone.

Turns out, I wasn’t alone at all. In fact…

75% of the U.S. population is hiding some part of their identity at work (Reuters).

I tried to stick it out.

It got to the point where every day in my job felt like a waste of time.

  • I was scared and hopeless that I would never find my purpose in the workforce.
  • I worried that I would spend my entire life counting down to Fridays, never finding a career that  energized and excited me.
  • I was overwhelmed and upset by the idea of letting life happen to me, just taking jobs just because I  “should take what I can get,” or because I didn’t really know what I wanted.
  • I knew deep down inside that I was just holding onto my “plan” for the sake of having one.

I tried talking to friends about my predicament, but somehow the conversation always turned back to them and their careers.

Everyone, it seemed, was experiencing a crisis of their own – and they wanted to know how I’d managed to triple my income, land so many interviews, and become so efficient at networking.


Pretty soon, my friends were asking if they could bring their friends along to our coffee dates or weekend brunches.

Instead of talking about bad dates or annoying roommates, we would map out how they were going to find their purpose, make a career pivot, network their way into job interviews, land more job offers, and negotiate a new salary.

I’ll never forget the day I arrived at Starbucks to meet a friend, and she was accompanied by no less than eight of her friends – all of them crammed around a tiny table.

“They heard you help people get results,” she said, by way of explanation.

It seemed ironic that I was helping others live their purpose
when I was still so unclear on mine…

Then came the “breakthrough”
(which looked a lot like a breakdown at the time)

I faced the music, and I quit my job in D.C. Next, I moved home to L.A. The fear and uncertainty I’d been dodging for so long caught up with me, and I felt like a complete failure.

After spending way too many nights up late researching career options, I knew I needed to take massive action, so I borrowed money to hire a life coach who empowered me to move forward.

It was a life-changing decision.

She helped me overcome the emotional hangover I felt from realizing that my dream job wasn’t so dreamy. More importantly, she helped me recover the confidence and clarity I’d lost along the way.

“What lights you up?” she asked me.

I reflected on the weeks in DC I spent as a job hunting and job-hopping master, and realized that it was the thrill of the hunt – not the job itself – that lit me up and made me come alive.

I truly loved job hunting and helping people find their purpose…

(And I always had a knack for it.)

I loved networking, rebranding my resume, negotiating for my salaries, and helping other people find their purpose and dream jobs.

Most of all, I loved feeling like I had job security. I became so great at networking that I realized I’d never worry about my career again—I was always an email away from another job offer.

When I realized this, I finally had the power to eliminate the doubts that held me back so that I could step into my true purpose (helping YOU embrace yours).

The Limitless Career lab


  • 8 Video Modules Released Weekly (8 Hours of Instruction)
  • 5 Tutorials
  • Comprehensive Workbook With Templates
  • 24 LIVE Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group full of career experts
  • Access to a monthly teleclass with guest experts (12 months)
  • Access to the company's private recruiter + headhunter list
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group


Click the folders below to learn about each training.


Module 1: CLARITY
Find your purpose & learn which jobs are an exact fit for you. The cornerstone of any successful job hunt is in learning which exact jobs align with your skills and talents. While you may have an idea on what interests you, this module is here to help you hone in on the best options for you, and awaken you to all the sorts of career paths you may not have considered.

Module #1: CLARITY


  • Get an answer to the question, “Am I even on the right track?”
  • Become more aligned with your true purpose.
  • Get more clear on your gifts – and how to translate them into the right jobs for you (this will save you endless hours of applying for the wrong jobs!).
  • Shift your perspective and cultivate a success mindset
  • Make a plan for where you’re going in your life/career, and HOW to get there.

+ TUTORIAL #1: How to Leverage LinkedIn for More Clarity On The Best Jobs For You.

Speak about yourself in a way that inspires other people to help you in your job hunt and career. One of the biggest mistakes that job seekers make is in forgetting to create a powerful answer to the prompt "tell me about yourself"-- also known as their elevator pitch. This module is here for you to learn exactly how to answer this common question in a way that wows your interviewer and inspires people to help you with your job hunt while you're out networking.



  • Learn to talk about yourself when someone says, “tell me about yourself” in a way that opens really heavy doors.
  • Train your ear to hear an invitation for an elevator pitch…and never feel like you’ve left an opportunity on the table again.
  • Discover the two key questions you should ALWAYS ask in a networking conversation.
  • Understand how to re-frame something “negative” (i.e. a resume gap, illness, etc.) as it comes up in a networking conversation.
  • Learn how to address a looming doubt in the mind of your interviewer.
"After Ashley taught me her elevator pitch formula, I went to a networking event, and tested it out. Right when I was asked 'tell me about yourself,' I used her formula to answer it, and landed a job interview on my first try! This translated into a job offer. I could not believe it."
Adam Azoff,
Washington, DC
Module 3: RESUME
Learn how to translate your experiences into a resume that stands out in the pile. The average amount of time a recruiter spends on your resume is six seconds, and for that reason, your resume needs to WOW them. This module will teach you exactly how to write a resume like a pro, and includes templates for you to use and reuse!

Module #3: RESUME


  • Discover a proven step-by-step formula to create a world-class resume that stands out from the rest.
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes that will send your resume straight to the trash.
  • Learn to write like a professional resume writer – including timeless tips and current best practices.
  • Position yourself as a thought leader and a high performer (in a way that translates into more $$$ in your bank account).
"My son graduated from college but couldn't find a job for a long time. After rewriting his resume with Ashley's system, the results came pretty quickly, and he started getting interviews left and right. I'm elated to say that he finally got a job offer last Friday, paying him more than he expected!"
Raffi S.
Santa Monica, CA
Learn how to write a cover letter that inspires interviewers. While most hiring managers admit that they don't read cover letters, the tough reality is that they DO read them when they're wavering on you as a candidate. For this reason, you'll learn how to write a powerful cover letter, and you'll be supported with templates to use and reuse in the process.



  • Understand the 2 types of cover letters (and which one you should include with your application).
  • See examples of each type of cover letter + how to structure each paragraph.
  • Learn common grammar, content & style mistakes to avoid.
  • Discover what to do BEFORE you start writing, that can “make” or “break” your application.
Get clear on who you need to reach out to. Throughout this process, you'll learn who you need to network with and HOW to find them. This means learning how to find the right email addresses, and learning how to leverage tools like Linkedin to find hiring managers. You'll also learn how to leverage your college alumni network even years after graduating.



  • Learn how to target your networking (hint: talking to family and friends of friends is only scratching the surface!).
  • Discover networking strategies that are PROVEN to help you get job offers.
  • Want to move to a new city/country? Learn how to land that “destination dream job” without even leaving home.

+ TUTORIAL #2: LinkedIn Secrets to Target Your Networking Efforts.

Learn how to write the perfect emails to people who can hire you. This module is going to teach you exactly how to get in front of people who can hire you-- people you don't know-- and how you can communicate with them, both in person and over email.



  • Get scripts and templates for exactly what to write in your “cold” emails to hiring managers and human resources employees.
  • Understand the art of effectively following up.
  • Learn the structure/formula for writing your own cold emails (when you come across a new type of outreach situation).
  • Learn how to leverage your college alumni network, even years after you’ve graduated.
  • Land meetings with hiring managers who offer you job opportunities on the spot.
  • Learn how to write an effective “thank you” email.

TUTORIAL #3: Use Twitter to Brand Yourself As A Thought Leader & Connect With Contacts Who Seem Inaccessible..

"In three weeks, I used Ashley's cold networking strategies to land multiple job offers. We were even featured in the Washington Post for our success!"
Sterling Hardaway
New York, NY
Once the job interviews start flowing, you'll need to learn how to be memorable for the interview. This means having polished answers to some of the hardest interview questions, and knowing exactly what recruiters want to hear.



  • Inspire your interviewer and stand out from the crowd.
  • Talk about your biggest weaknesses in a way that is honest AND positions you as a strong candidate.
  • Answer interview questions about salary expectations with ease & grace.
  • Learn how to prepare as effectively as possible.
  • Navigate phone or Skype interviews like a pro.
  • Secrets on how to tactfully follow up.
"I'll admit that, going in, I was a bit skeptical about working with a career coach. Ashley saved me a whole lot of time by giving me amazing pointers regarding how to conduct myself during interviews and professional interactions. It's nearly a year since I worked with Ashley and I have a job I didn't think I would ever get."
Oren S.
New York, NY
Get a raise before you sign the dotted line. One of the biggest mistakesjob seekers make is in entering interview conversations without a plan of how to talk about money. In this module, you'll learn how clients are getting a 20% pay increase in their negotiations. You'll get access to templates and scripts you can use to take the guesswork out of salary negotiation.



  • Negotiate a 20% salary bump before you sign the dotted line.
  • Find out what employers are paying in your industry (this can make all the difference in the negotiation process).
  • Get a raise – even when the employer tells you the number “isn’t flexible.”
  • Learn how to make it a win-win negotiation every time.
"Ashley's salary negotiation strategy helped me go from $38k to $60k in less than 8 weeks."
Alexandra Makowka
Los Angeles, CA
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Before working with Ashley in the Limitless Career Lab, I was unsatisfied in the retail jobs I worked, but unable to move out of these fields. I was supporting my filmmaking work out of pocket, and not able to get a job in my field despite having a BFA in film and a certificate in Digital Filmmaking. Most of all, I was your typical disenfranchised millennial.

After joining Ashley’s program, I was employed in the entertainment industry working regular office hours- two things I previously thought were incompatible! I also become very aware of an incredible number of opportunities in my field- truly a mindset of abundance, and I no longer feel trapped in my current role. I am now using my education, my talents, and working a job that I can honestly say I love.

I'm so glad I did this because Ashley's tips have stayed with me far beyond the course, and have helped me not only in securing employment, but in my personal artistic endeavors as well. Her networking and job-hunting tips are timeless, but the course itself was highly tailored to my individual needs at the time. She helped me get past a huge professional block, and my career has soared since taking the course. I can't recommend her enough!*

Rory Gory
Los Angeles, CA


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It’s Time To Say “Yes” To The Career & Life You Deserve…

77% of retired Americans said they regret “some element” of their career and 33% of retired Americans regret their entire career altogether.

It’s fair to say most people aren’t happy.

Ironically, we often listen to “most people”—friends, family and colleagues – in our career decisions. This translates into mediocre jobs that aren’t in alignment with our gifts and desires.

I want something different for you…

You deserve to look back and say, “I did this.” And to feel proud of what you contributed.

Whether you are a student or recent grad looking to ace the job hunt, or an experienced professional who desires ajob/career change, Limitless Career Lab will give you the lasting tools and support you need.

John Assaraf famously said, “When you’re interested, you’ll do what’s convenient. When you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.”

Put simply, highly successful people are willing to do what others aren’t. And you deserve to embody the unique brilliance that you are.

I’m here to help you discover the answer to that question, and make your dream career a reality in 8 weeks or less.

Click here to get started NOW.

To your success,

Ashley Stahl

The Limitless Career lab


  • 8 Video Modules Released Weekly (8 Hours of Instruction)
  • 5 Tutorials
  • 24 LIVE Group Coaching Calls
  • Comprehensive Workbook With Templates & Exercises
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group full of career experts providing daily support
  • Lifetime Access To Modules
  • Access to monthly teleclass held by guest experts and thought leaders
  • Access to the company's private recruiter and headhunter list


I have spent years creating and perfecting the curriculum for Limitless Career Lab, through my own experience, research and working with thousands of clients as a career coach. As long as you are committed (and do the work), this program will absolutely help you get results… Which is why I happily offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you don't think this program is of high-quality, we will refund you 100% of your money within 30 days!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the program begin?

    As soon as you sign up! Limitless Career Lab is a group coaching course that you can follow at your own pace! Click here to get started.

  • What does it look like to go through this program on a weekly basis? 

    While we encourage you to complete the program within the 4 weeks, you may choose to take additional time to work through the materials if you wish. (You have access to the membership site for as long as I'm teaching the program-- a minimum of two years.)

    When you sign up, you’ll get an email (within 30 minutes- hang tight!) with instant access to your login information– which you can use to access Module 1 in our password-protected site. You’ll also receive information about how to dial in for your 24 LIVE group coaching calls-- each of which has a different focus based on your needs (clarity calls, confidence calls, negotiation calls) with a career expert I've selected! Be sure to join the private client Facebook group, which is where we post ALL call recordings for you to tune into, and where me and as well as career experts that I've cherry picked answer all of your burning career questions outside of the calls. There are up to 10 career experts in the group, 7 days a week, and they're here to answer your questions and support you in your career. The remaining seven Modules will become available in your site at a pace of two modules per week (for 4 weeks). By the end of the course, you’ll have access to all 8 modules, 5 tutorials and the workbook for as long as I'm teaching the program (a minimum of two years). You’ll also have an audio recording of the LIVE group coaching calls, whether you dialed in or not. You'll also get invited monthly to show up for a teleclass with a guest expert and thought leader-- for a period of 12 months. Just keep your eyes peeled for those monthly emails to mark your calendar! And of course, one week after Module 8, you get access to Ashley's private recruiter and headhunter list.

  • Do I need to supplement what I learn in this program with anything else?

    Limitless Career Lab is designed to be an “all-in-one” program to help you land multiple job offers. It includes detailed training modules, exercises, career expert FB group, live Q&A calls , monthly teleclasses, private recruiter lists (and so much more) to ensure that you have all the clarity and tools you need to master the job hunt.

  • How do the Q&A calls work?

    Once you sign up, the team will be emailing you specific information with the times to show up for the LIVE Q&A calls with a career expert I've selected for you... You’ll receive the times and dates via email, along with an opportunity to register for a call time slot that reflects where you are-- calls are being facilitated by different experts on their zones of genius (clarity coaches, negotiation professors, etc.)... After you pick your monthly call slots, the dial-in number and access code will come to you via email. Once you dial into the call, Ashley or a career expert selected by Ashley will be on the line taking questions. He or she will direct all callers on how to ask questions, or digitally “raise your hand.” Once the hour call is complete, you will receive the recorded audio within 24 hours, which is yours to keep. We post the recording in the private client Facebook group—which is where you can access it, or post your questions if you cannot make it onto the live call..

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes! We want the Limitless Career Lab to be available to anyone who is ready to stand in their career and job hunting power, and for this reason, we are happy to offer payment plans! For the high access level (8 modules, 5 tutorials, workbook, LIVE calls, client FB group with career experts, monthly expert teleclass, recruiter and headhunter list), it’s five automated monthly payments of $447.

  • Can I keep in touch with you (and other participants) after the program ends?

    Absolutely! I encourage you to stay in touch with all of us in the private client Facebook group-- we love to hear about your big wins well after the program! Plus, clients love to stay in this group, because let's be honest: where else can you access up to ten career experts, 7 days a week? This group is powerful, and once you register for the program, you'll get a link via email to the private group on Facebook, where you can request to add yourself.

  • What if I am not satisfied with the product?

    No problem! I offer a 30 day guarantee on the Limitless Career Lab. If you don't see how this program is adding value for you, just let us know within 30 days and we will issue you a full refund.

  • How do I know if this the right time for me to take the course?

    Most people enroll in this course when they're focused on getting job offers immediately. They've often tried everything and are using this course as a deeper commitment to bringing the job offers in! Nonetheless, I believe the best time to job hunt is when you do not need a job (the second best time is when you DO!), and for that reason, I highly recommend this program whether you are hoping to land job offers now, or within the next 12 months.

  • Do I need to invest in the full course, or can I just purchase certain modules?

    The course layers on itself, with each module preparing you specifically for the next... For that reason, it would not serve you to jump into one of the modules without doing the work in the preceding ones. The course is comprehensive and takes the guesswork out of the job hunt. You must follow each step to move effectively into the next!

  • Should I be hiring a private coach instead of investing in this course?

    It depends. This course is perfect for someone who has a decent grasp on their interests and is simply looking to land multiple job offers through job hunting methods that work. The people who benefit from this course have a decent grasp on what interests them, and they use this course to bring results in the form of interviews and job offers. On the other hand, if you're grappling with serious confidence issues, or you're feeling completely lost on what sort of career interests you, a private coach would be a better starting point. The investment in private coaching ranges from $4,000+, so I highly recommend you shop around. While the group coaching calls provide lots of support, as well as that private Facebook group, deep clarity and confidence require private mentorship! Email support@ashleystahl.com so we can recommend you to a coach that we believe in!

  • I'm not a millennial. Is there a reason I should not take this course?

    This course is for anyone who really feels that their job hunting skills need some work. There are tons of Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers who have benefitted, and I totally welcome it with open arms! If you're applying for jobs and feeling like the internet is a cyber black hole, and you're looking for job hunting strategies that work, you will grow from this course no matter what your age is!

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